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Master Food Safety Advisors in Larimer County

Master Food Safety Advisors, Larimer County Extension
The Larimer County Extension office gets lots of calls year-round on home food safety and preservation.

  • How long can I keep leftovers?
  • How do I safely thaw a turkey?
  • How do I preserve tomatoes?
  • How do I adjust my canning for altitude?

The questions are varied, seasonal and endless! Extension is home of the volunteer Larimer County Master Food Safety Advisors. Thanks to their great work and dedication, Extension staff is able to answer these calls, conduct presentations and workshops as well as provide credible, up-to-date food safety information.

Master Food Safety Advisors receive in-depth training on food safety and safe food preservation methods.   MFSA volunteers help others practice safe food handling and successfully can, freeze and dehydrate food at home.  Volunteers conduct demonstrations and workshops, test pressure canner gauges, staff exhibits at county fairs and farmers markets, write articles and answer phone calls and emails.

Have a food safety or food preservation question?  Is it time to have your pressure canner dial gauge tested?  Call the CSU Larimer County Extension Office at 970.498.6000.