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Native Plant Master Program Larimer County

Getting help in the agriculture and natural resources department just got easier. Whether you need help identifying weeds or want to learn more about small acreage management, we are here to help. Insuring local agriculture and natural resources in Larimer County remain healthy is important to all of us. We have programs and research-based knowledge to share with you at Larimer County Extension.



Optimizing Farm Taxes and Your Management Strategies
February 20, 2018, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the Extension office.

How you manage your farm income expenses today will influence the taxes you pay.  Record keeping and expense management can lower your tax bill and reduce your chances of being audited. Topics for this workshop include farm business expenses, reporting farm income, farm office expenses, farm records, and strategies for managing tax liabilities.  Jeff Tranel, CSU Extension Ag & Business Management Economist, will teach the class.  Register today!

Apply for the 2018 Native Plant Master Program

How would you like to learn about all of those beautiful plants in Larimer County? And, how to use them in your landscape? The Native Plant Master Program might be for you.

Have you tested your home for radon?

Radon workshop, Larimer County Extension


Join us for the Radon Workshop on February 19, 1-2 p.m. at Fort Collins Senior Center. Register through the Fort Collins Recreator by calling 970-221-6655.



Native Plant Master Program


Get to know the plants in Colorado through our Native Plant Master Program. Native plants support natural resource conservation. The educational and volunteer program raises awareness about native plants, sustainable landscapes and management of weeds that threaten native ecosystems.  Anyone 16 and older is eligible to apply to this program and special classes.

Applications are currently being accepted. Read more and apply today!

Colorado Building Farmers & Ranchers Program


The Colorado Building Farmers and Ranchers program
builds community and capacity in agriculture through
classroom learning for beginning farmers and ranchers.
The program is a series of eight evening classes
designed to help new farmers and ranchers explore
agriculture as a business and provide intermediate and
experienced farmers and ranchers with tools and ideas
to refine and enhance their business management,
production, and marketing skills. The outcome of the
course is for participants to create a business plan. Read more.

Weed & Poisonous Plant Management

Soil, Water & Plant Resources

Forestry & Wildlife Resources