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Certified Food Protection Manager Training

Colorado’s adoption of the 2013 FDA Food Code requires retail food establishments to employ at least one Certified Food Protection Manager. To become certified, one must pass an ANSI-CFP accredited exam, which demonstrates the abilities to manage food handlers to ensure that food safety procedures are implemented and those practices are followed. The certification meets the new regulatory requirement under Colorado’s adoption of the 2013 FDA Food Code.

The Larimer County Extension Office is proud to offer Certified Food Protection Manager trainings in partnership with the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment.

Our program includes the NEHA instructor-led training and certification exam.

In order to become certified, you may:

  • Attend a local class
  • Participate through independent study
  • Simply take the exam

What do Certified Food Protection Managers say?

I have been in management in the field of food for 15 years and chose to become food safety certified. I feel like it was a smart choice. I can now ensure the guests, my crew, and myself that the guests are in no imminent danger due to unsafe food and only receiving quality safe food.

Krystal W. 1st Assistant, Larimer County

Being food safety certified not only helps you benefit but you’re equipped with knowledge that you’re able to share with others while knowing the true dangers that can arise and help them prevent these from happening to the best of your ability.

Trish G. Shift Manager, Larimer County

Being Food Safety Certified not only allows you to feel accountable to yourself and company, but gives you a feeling of pride knowing you hold the keys to keep your staff, your guests, and yourself safe.

Jessica M. General Manager, Larimer County

Check back in early June 2022 for a class schedule and registration details.

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