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Colorado Master Gardener Program in Larimer County

  • Each year applications are accepted for those wanting to become Master Gardeners.
  • Current Master Gardeners (CMG) are out and about volunteering in Larimer County helping you in your yard and garden year-round.
  • Read the 2018 CMG Impact Report.

Applying for the program

Applications are accepted annually in the Fall for the program. If you apply as a potential Colorado Master Gardener volunteer, we do require a background check, in-person interview, entrance exam and reference check. In the past, more applicants have applied than can be accepted. This will be a competitive process; that said, everyone who applies will be interviewed and fairly assessed.  If you are not selected as a volunteer, you may take the training as a certificate trainee.

Please note: Applications are no longer being accepted for 2018. The process is closed.

What will you learn?

Those selected for the program will receive approximately 66 hours of college-level horticulture instruction covering topics such as:

    • plant growth and development
    • soils and plant nutrition
    • insects
    • disease and plant diagnosis
    • turf management
    • vegetables
    • fruits

What will be required?

Between April and October each year, first year Master Gardeners volunteer 50 hours of time working with Larimer County Extension. Volunteer hours are spent:

    • diagnosing insect, disease and plant problems
    • answering gardening questions
    • working on various projects such as,
      • assisting with research and demonstration gardens, like the CSU Annual Trial Gardens
      • farmers’ markets
      • home and garden shows
      • presenting programs to community groups
      • writing gardening articles for local and regional newspapers


Have a yard or garden question? 

Email a Master Gardener anytime! larimermg@gmail.com


Alison O’Connor, PhD