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Wellness Classes

Join weekly mindfulness classes from the comfort of your home. All classes have been moved to Zoom. You are required to register, but the classes are free. See a list of upcoming classes here (opens a PDF in a new tab)

You can register on the Health and Wellbeing page of the Classes and Workshops tab.

CSU Alumni Series

Emotional Resilience: Growing our Inner Resources and a Steady Core (59 min) (opens in new tab)

When confronted with stress, our bodies and minds react by going into a fight-or-flight response. Our natural instinct is to turn away, self-protect and distract from difficult emotions. In this workshop, we will draw from mindfulness principles and practices to explore alternative responses. Mindfulness offers tools to help us stay present with difficult emotions, decrease our reactivity, and make choices that support our wellbeing. We will explore approaches to help us build resilience, transform our difficulties and create new pathways for self-care.

Self Care Planning Workshop (59 min) (opens in new tab)

Has self-care been secondary to everything else in your life? This workshop recording can help you reprioritize. You will identify areas of your life that need greater attention and develop an individualized self-care plan based on realistic goals and grounded in your values and vision for optimal well-being.

Temporary Office Closure

Our office is closing at 2pm on January 19th due to weather and road conditions. We are opening at 9am on January 20th and are closely monitoring the weather.