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Master Food Safety Advisors in Larimer County

Master Food Safety Advisors, Larimer County Extension

The Larimer County Extension Office is recruiting volunteers who will attend in-depth training sessions in early 2019 on food preservation and safety, and afterwards will share their knowledge by volunteering in the community.

We are excited about offering the Master Food Safety Advisor program for people who have an interest in food safety and food science or love to cook and preserve food. Colorado State University Extension in Larimer County is offering intensive training on food safety and prevention of food borne illness, methods of canning, pickling, freezing and dehydrating. Master Food Safety Advisors must apply for selection to be in the program, must attend all trainings, work cooperatively with other volunteers and give a minimum of 30 hours of service each year to the community by sharing their knowledge and teaching others.

We are offering the Master Food Safety Advisor program so that we can expand Larimer County Extension’s capability to provide the public with research-based information from Colorado State University and USDA by trained volunteers. Experiences for volunteers include answering consumer phone calls, providing information at local farmers markets, fairs, or supermarkets, conducting presentations, assisting with workshops for community groups and schools, preparing educational displays, writing articles for newsletters and newspapers

More detailed information and application contact Edie McSherry at emcsherry@larimer.org or 970-498-6008. Application deadline is February 15, 2019.

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