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Welcome to Larimer County 4-H School Enrichment!

Calling all educators in the Poudre and Thompson School Districts! We currently have two programs to help enrich youth learning experiences delivered in the classroom:  the “4-H Embryology” program and the “Blender & Spin Art Bike” program.

Larimer County 4-H Embryology Program

You can check out an embryology kit to use in the classroom that includes all of the necessary supplies and curriculum.

embryology program, Larimer County 4-H, school enrichment

Student Benefits

  • Opportunity to learn about chickens, eggs and embryonic development through observation of the egg hatching process.
  • Knowledge of the development of life in just three weeks
  • Ehancement of math, science, and language art skills


How do I check-out a kit?

Embryology Kits are available on a first come first served basis. The kits will include everything that will be needed to be very helpful to the participants, including 7-10 fertiled eggs.  It is highly recommended that the equipment is set up 2 days prior to the eggs being delivered. The equipment will be in use for around 23 days.

For more information and to schedule a kit including curricullum for your classroom  please contact Keeton Ehrig with Larimer County Extension @ 970-498-6000 or

Larimer County Extension Blender & Spin Art Bike Program

Blender Bike, Larimer County Extension
Larimer County Extension offers a fun filled educational opportunity with a Rock the Bike pedal powered activity! We have both the spin art and blender attachments to offer diverse educational opportunities that allows participants to be in an open, joyous, and receptive state, where they’re ready to interact and learn.


How do I reserve the bike?

Call Larimer County Extension to request our educational efforts at your next event!