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Cloverbuds 4-H in Larimer County

Cloverbuds 4-H Larimer County

Cloverbuds 4-H, Larimer County is for children 5-7 years of age. (by December 31st, 2018 for the 2019 4-H year) They are eligible to enroll as a 4-H Cloverbud member.  Cloverbuds are exposed to many different 4-H projects, activities and club-based participation to prepare for the opportunity to become 4-H members when they turn 8-years-old and can select projects, run for club offices and more.

What do Cloverbuds do?

They participate in a 4-H club with a Cloverbud leader; not all 4-H clubs have a Cloverbuds leader. The youth participate in some County 4-H activities and there are special workshops and events throughout the year. Activities include:

  • Fashion Revue
  • Cat Show (Stuffed Cat – Pre Fair in July)
  • Demonstration/Speech with club or participate at county contest
  • Performing Arts (June)
  • Cake Decorating – contact Stephanie
  • Cloverbud Kits
  • Cloverbud Camp (usually in July)
  • Fair Entry (August)
  • Participation with your club

There are Cloverbud kits that can be checked out throughout the year.


Check the Clover Connection newsletter for details.